Anonymous said: I've seen ppl furious because of the hate towards Sookie. These ppl think that the hate is only because Sookie loves Bill more than Eric but I think this is a simplistic way to see it. I think part of the hate towards her right now comes because of her interactions with Bill because as a woman I personally feel offended with her character right now. She doesn't respect herself and for her it's all about the man who did all these horrible things to her. It's not bill vs eric it's sookie vs women






Hi anon. I think you’re right about the hate towards Sookie of a part of the fandom. Of course there are people who hates Sookie only because she loves Bill more than Eric but I think not all the hate is because of that. Many women dislike Sookie because of everything you said in your post and I don’t blame them

A part of this fandom hates the idea of Sookie being incapable of moving on from Bill after all the heinous things he did to her in the past (he lied to her so many times that we can’t count, betrayed her with Lorena, almost killed her, called an abomination, almost killed his brother…..) I get it, it’s hard to defend her actions in this season after all of this

Um..sorry anonymous but no

it’s like saying that a woman who (for some reason) is unable to leave her abusive husband is against women race. Or is anti-feminist. And is guilty in general which is a big fat no. Sookie is the victim of this story, period.

Thank you.

The whole “she doesn’t respect herself therefore she deservers contempt from others” is exactly the abuser’s argument. The depressed, the ones with low self esteem, the ones that are stuck in abusive cycles, the ones that don’t think they are worthy of anything better, or simply the ones that believe that the bad they get is not that bad — the ones who do not live up to the popular “strong womanhood” standards — they should be hated? Because not like that doesn’t reinforce the cycle or anything.

I agree with you . However, I don’t think BB is writing Sookie as an abused woman caught in an abusive cycle. I don’t think he sees Bill this way at all. IMO He wants to make TB end according into his world view and in that view Sookie and Bill are soul mates inspite of all that has gone before,and TB has been here love story all along. Inspite of the fact that this is the last thing this show has been about,

He wants us to believe old Bill is gone and new lovable Bill has taken his place. He also believes that a woman’s place is to stand by her man and give him her support. He showed us that in the little we saw of Sookie and Alcide’s relationship and now by how he has turned Sookie into a tool to serve Bill’s redemption arc. He killed off Tara because he could not figure out how get her character to conform to his view of women. Not much mourning for her either because he doesn’t want to give to much notice to such a strong independent woman.

The only one who thought Sookie should have her own agency and that he should support her was Eric and he’s been reduced to third string after Bill and Alcide’s in Sookie’s estimation. She loves Bill and Alcide more precisely because she serves at their pleasure which is just just as it should be in BB’s world view. I see no signs at all that he has any awareness of an abuse cycle as it pertains to Bill and Sookie. I think BB definitely did And he was not going to hand her over to her abusive lover and call it the greatest love story on TB. I don’t think he has any idea that he’s made fans hate Sookie so much. He likes the new pod Sookie so much more than old independent high spirited Sookie, he said so himself in the Inside the Episode for the finale last season.

All of this. I completely agree with all you said maggie



Time for my once weekly comment…






…On True Blood. From everything I read, the latest True Blood is profoundly shitty, and I was wondering: isn’t it possible that we’re all still inside of Bill’s book? That’s been my theory since the end of season 6. I don’t know why I’d…

I watched the episode last night, more than once, in fact.  You have probably already been spoiled if you have read the posts or have seen the gifs/caps, but the title really captures its essence.  Karma.  You may enjoy the episode more than expected if you can come to terms with Sookie’s description of her feelings for Eric.  Short of some divine intervention, there will be no E/S HEA.  You may vehemently disagree with me, but I actually enjoyed most of it, considering all the damage that has been done.

I did enjoy this episode. There were a lot of good scenes, imo, beyond the Sookie/Bill/Eric stuff. Whether or not there can be a HEA in the cards for Eric and Sookie, I don’t know. I do believe there’s more to this Bill/Sookie storyline than what we’ve been shown so far.

The opening fight scene with Eric was fantastic. The Andy/Holly storyline was funny and sweet, and I’m genuinely afraid for Adilyn right now. Jason, you in danger girl. Jessica’s sorrow felt real, and Bill acted just like himself by killing yet another woman. All of the stuff with Sarah Newlin was also intriguing, and I actually like the twist of her blood being the cure.

I dunno. I didn’t hate this episode one bit.

I agree with you. I was braced for the worst but it was not necessary. Eric was written in character, as was Pam. They kicked some serious ass.

Bill showed his true colors again. Sookie acted as expected towards Bill but was very sweet with Jason. Jason was gearing up to ditch Violet and was so relieved to find her gone. Andy and Holly were enjoyable to watch though I felt her anger with Andy a bit out of proportion. On the whole I liked it very much. 

Sarah Newlin is always a joy to watch. I don’t like the cure in the blood and that she is the savior (because of how that could ever work?) but I like the parallels to Bill. The writers are up to something. I agree that we don’t yet know what they are planning but Tara’s reveal, Tara/Sookie flashback, Niall etc will hopefully shine some light on that. 

Of course Sookie summarily dismissing Eric as having loved him in her own way was a bit of a downer but I am determined for now to let this be the blood talking. I have no great hopes for a HEA with the two of them but my hopes are not yet completely zero. 

Is it the blood talking? I’m not so sure, she was clear with her feelings about Alcide, (The doomed relationship) But I do find the ranking love list curious, and very overkill. Sookie’s offhandedness about Eric is in sharp contrast to how she was with him in ep.4 and pre season 6. It’s almost comical, yeah okaaaay writers, whatever. Can’t take it seriously, like the last two seasons.

A similar thing is going on with Jason and Jessica.

Eric! Stand the fuck down! And you, shut the fuck up about your stupid corporation. Sarah Newlin’s gunna be having the last fucking laugh, shopping at Barney’s and getting manicures if you two can’t stop measuring your dicks! And make a fucking deal!

Anonymous said: Y'all may be missing the point of Bill killing the bitch-lawyer,remember his history? he fought a war arranjed by powerful bussinessman who wanted to defend their interests. Bill and many soldiers gave their lifes thinking they were dying for a just cause,while they died to make rich people gain an extra buck,now 170 years later,bill is facing the exact same enemy a evil bitch who's tryng to explore someone in need to gain momey ,it's very IC for bill to kill her,a little payback before death




Hi anon:) Human Bill wasn’t exactly poor, he was from a prominent family and had an education. He didn’t even want to fight as he saw defeat as inevitable and the part about dying for a just cause was him playing the Southern gentleman for gran and her friends at the DOTGD, not what he really thought. 

Vampire Bill isn’t exactly poor either. We are talking about a guy who shot to the top of the vampire hierarchy. His house is bursting with expensive stuff and he makes tons of money from the book sales. He proclaimed himself a god and above other people. Bill is not some poor man struggling to make the ends meet and he has done some despicable things, all of a sudden he applies his human days morals? He could have just taken his business elsewhere. And a man like him would have his own lawyer on call. He just couldn’t deal with being told that he has limited options and basically treated like an ordinary man. He took that woman’s life because she was greedy and willing to accept loads of money, nothing else. He could have reported her for extortion, he is such a law abiding citizen…

Right. They showed us in Bill’s flashback that he didn’t believe in the Southern cause at all and was running away via the Undeground Railroad with his family in tow when he was caught. After hiding behind his wife and infant child so he wouldn’t be shot they forced him to join up and fight. There was no trigger back to his days as a Confederate soldier.

He was just pissed because this female lawyer got the better of him and then had the audacity to rub his nose in it. She asked for 10 million and thought she could get it which means that in her estimation Bill was worth a lot more since she has to leave him enough to see to his progeny or it wouldn’t be worth it to him too make a deal with her. He could have shopped around for a better deal but he just couldn’t resist killing her and her vampire guard just because he’s spiteful that way. He’s probably done now with his efforts on Jessica’s behalf because he refuses to be extorted. Better to leave Jessica with nothing than to allow himself to be exploited.

Yep. Bill just killed that woman in cold blood. Was she extorting him? Yep, definitely. Could he have done anything else, like finding another lawyer or maybe trying to come to some kind of deal with her? Absolutely. What makes the situation with the lawyer any different than when Bill glamored an innocent jeweler in order to steal Sookie’s engagement ring rather than pay for it? In both situations, someone was taking advantage of a situation to better themselves financially. Sure, Sookie’s ring didn’t cost 10 million dollars, but Bill used his abilities as a vampire to steal from someone who came all the way to his home to sell him a ring. The lawyer was using her connections and position to fatten her bank account in order to expedite a legal process for him. So instead of attempting to make a deal with her, Bill just killed her, because as we learned last week, men and women being on equal terms makes him uncomfortable. If a woman has the upper hand, why he can just bully/assault/murder her. Nevermind all of those people waiting out in the lobby, btw. You guys are just shit out of luck, since Bill has, once again, allowed his ego free reign and showed his true face.


I’ve seen a post about this before, but I thought I’d try to put my thoughts on this subject into words.

I don’t hate Sookie, or hate her because she’s not with Eric.

I hate the writers for doing this to her character. I hate Bill Compton. Because Bill is Sookie’s abuser. Mental and emotional on extreme levels and in a variety of ways, and also physical abuse.  I will never root for a character to go back to her abuser. 

I would much rather have Sookie end up alone or with someone else other than Eric if it meant the writers finally allowing her character to grow and break free of her abuser, Bill.

They aren’t doing that. They are having Sookie remain caught in the abusive cycle that started with her pedophile Uncle and led her to Bill, Warlow, and now back to Bill again. (And Jason for that matter, who was also a repeated sexual abuse victim with his teacher, Crystal, and now Violet). 

Why should I enjoy watching this happen to the supposed heroine of this story? This is not something you should root for or be okay with if you are or were ever a fan of Sookie.

Instead of executing a “full circle” properly, showing how the character has grown over the course of the story by putting Sookie in a similar situation as the start of the story and having her react in a new and different way that displays that growth to the audience, they are just repeating what happened the first time. That’s not a full circle, and any decent writer would know that. That’s character regression. 

They are putting their stamp of approval on B/S, abuse as love, and even making it even worse than that by making Sookie’s only purpose on the show to serve Bill and his “redemption.” She’s not a character or woman in her own right, she’s only a tool to help him achieve his desires. The misogyny of this is perhaps appropriate, as disturbing and wrong as it is, since Bill is a misogynist himself, and everything in the show now revolves around Bill getting what he wants. 


Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs and Jim Rash attend ‘Community’ panel during Comic-Con International 2014 (July 24, 2014)


I love the sea, i love the sky, i love the earth on which I love and die! Day 29 of yogilovemay hosted by the gorgeous yogipeach


I love the sea, i love the sky, i love the earth on which I love and die! Day 29 of yogilovemay hosted by the gorgeous yogipeach


something that keeps me from having breakdowns in changing rooms is reminding myself that clothes are designed to fit people, people aren’t designed to fit clothes. it is not my responsibility to fit into ‘standard’ sizing, it is not my responsibility to fit a garment a certain way. that’s on the designers, the manufacturers, the companies who produce and run this industry. if something doesn’t fit, that’s not my problem. 

i am not the problem. 

Loras and Perceptual Bias


 Finn’s comment about the perception of Loras through Sansa’s eyes is giving me fucking life and I really just want to talk about how fucking spot on he is about that. GRRM has continually said that one should be wary of how we view a character that has no POV, as there is always going to be biases present within the text. Where one character might see someone as bold and arrogant, another might see them as gentle and kind. It’s all about perception, and GRRM was warned us to keep these things in mind while we read. This is the case with Loras, particularly with regards to Sansa and Cersei.

 Sansa projects her fantasies of the fairytale knight upon Loras. She first sees him when he’s playing the role of the ideal knight— wearing glittering, expensive armour, perfectly styled, handing out roses to beautiful girls, and winning his joust before going on to win the tournament. She sees Loras, and she sees what she expected she would see when she came to King’s Landing. She automatically makes Loras into this perfect persona, and continues to see him as such even as events unfold and he proves to be anything but the perfect, chaste, gentle knight she desperately wants him to be. Finn uses the word ‘fangirl’ to describe her vision of him, and I don’t think that is very far off. Knights of Loras’ calibre were like the celebrities of their time, and people back then, as they do now, saw them through a skewed lens. They are a fantasy— they fill a role in the viewer’s mind, and anything that is contrary to that view is either ignored or excused.

 Such is the same with Loras and Sansa. Loras cheats to win at his tournament, using a mare in heat against the mountain that rides. Still, Sansa sees him as this glorious, blameless knight. Later on, he forgets who she is, and yet she still desperately clings to the rose that he had given her. Even after growing short with her and acting rude, she fantasies about what it would be like to marry him and have sex with him. It is not until much later, when at the Eyrie, she recognizes that Loras is probably not the man she thought he was, and that he was not going to rescue her. There is no such thing as a ‘true’ knight like the ones she had read about in books.

 And I think that is the point of Loras. GRRM loves to write tropes and then completely switch them around. Loras, to Sansa, represents the perfect knight. We see him as a teenage girl would see someone she admires; blameless, sweet, gentle, heterosexual, and chivalrous. But Loras is anything but. He kills two innocent men; he is brash and arrogant at times; he is vain; he is in love with another man; he is short and terse with others, and deeply critical (as is the case with Brienne). He has a narrow focus, seeing only his family and his own ambitions.

 On the flip side we have Loras in the eyes of Cersei. Overly critical and mistrusting of the Tyrells, Cersei views Loras accordingly. He is to be mistrusted because of his sexuality; he is trying to steal her son away; he is arrogant and stupid; he needs to be taught a lesson. He needs to be gotten rid of, essentially. Cersei has nothing flattering to say about Loras, just as Sansa is far too flattering.

 I think the best view we have of Loras comes from Catelyn and Jaime. While Catelyn has her biases, there seems to be no malice behind her negative view of Loras, unlike Cersei. She sees a man enamoured with the idea of glory. A man completely devoted and blinded by his devotion. A man who thinks very little before reacting. A man who thinks more with his heart than with his head. He is a summer child in her eyes— naive and rambunctious, eager to prove himself and make a name for himself beyond his tournament glory. She sees him as a young knight not yet come into his own. We then have Jaime, the only person Loras has ever opened up to. Jaime sees himself in Loras. Both brash, young, arrogant and full of ‘empty chivalry’. While perhaps Jaime projects a little too much of his disenchanted world view upon Loras, it would appear as if he is not far off. Loras speaks of his grief for Renly; he describes the ease at which he killed two men, and then later struggles with the knowledge that they were most likely innocent; he tells Jaime where he buried Renly, and that his loyalties would always lie with a dead man. He also reveals he has a bit of a dirty mind, having enjoyed flipping through Renly’s book of sex.

 The preconceptions, desires, and life experiences of different characters are always important to keep in consideration when reading about another character. Loras is no different. Sansa glorifies him and projects her wishes for a true, beautiful knight upon him, while Cersei demonizes him because he is a Tyrell. Jaime sees himself in Loras, but perhaps projects too much upon the young man, while Catelyn cannot help but hold him up to the high standards at which she views her son.

 We do not know who the real Loras is, and we may never really get to learn who he is behind closed doors. One thing is for certain, however. GRRM does not write tropes, and Loras is no exception.


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I have a serious fucking problem

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There should be a show just called “AU”

every single episode, a group of the same characters are in a different alternate universe with no explanation as to why.











let us not forget



these are also from the same show

Community is fucking great.


And here’s another thing.

In the books, this was Robb’s process re Jeyne:

  • captures her castle and is wounded, she treats him
  • finds out about his brothers’ apparent deaths
  • emotionally overwrought, seeks comfort in her
  • having had sex with a highborn virgin and possibly gotten her pregnant, decides to do the the honorable thing by marrying her
  • (at some point, falls in love too)
  • loses the Freys because of his emotional mistake and his honor
In the show, this is the process:
  • falls in love with Talisa-Jeyne because she’s not like all the other girls
  • does not find out about his brothers (in fact it’s specifically called out in the episode that Theon is trying to keep news of their “deaths” from spreading)
  • has sex with her because they’re so in love
  • (most likely) marries her because they’re so in love [seriously, with an older, maturer Jeyne who is (a) probably not a virgin*, (b) most likely not going to get pregnant, (c) even if she did would not have the “shame” problems book-Jeyne did, the only likely reason they’ll marry is because of love]
  • loses the Freys because who wouldn’t love a girl who’s not like all the other girls and, well, romance!

This misses the point of the books by a mile. It’s playing tropes straight, showing Robb as a Romantic Hero in Love, with Talisa as a Girl Not Like All the Rest. And it loses what could have been a valuable point (made in the last episode) about how vows and honor make things “too much”. Yes, I can see it dealing with the show’s point of “the more you love the weaker you are”, but… sigh…

I’m not saying this as a “book purist”. I don’t mind that the show is changing some things up for adaptation purposes. I don’t even mind the shift of “honor makes you stupid” to “love makes you stupid” in Robb’s story. But, honestly, I really preferred the books’ point of how doing the right thing can kill you in the end. It was Ned’s lesson, it’s Robb’s lesson, it’s kind of the whole Stark honor theme right there. (I suppose, technically, Ned also died partially because of love of his family, but it was his honor that put him in the situation where his family love could be used against him.)

For that matter, they’ve brought in the “love makes you stupid” into Cat’s story too, which is totally missing her point. But who wants to bet on, because Robb is a Man in Love whereas Cat is a Mother Who Loves Her Children, where the audience sympathies will go? Just… sigh.


And note, this is not blaming the actors, who are doing the best job they can with the material they have. Just the writing and the showrunners’ choices.


*I swear to god I’m not slut-shaming, and I do like Talisa-Jeyne’s apparent character (although I am waiting for the other shoe to drop already) and if she’s not a virgin goddamn good for her. I’m just pointing out that the Westerosi patriarchy places a high price on virgin brides and that Robb having sex with book-Jeyne “ruined” her (especially if she became pregnant), and that tv-Jeyne-Talisa does not apparently have such a conflict with her “free woman of Volantis” role and all.


Do y’all realize what you’re looking at right now? That is a vampire viking warrior wearing a bolo tie and Western suit, holding the jaw he just ripped off a man’s face and used as a weapon to help fight off 10 ninja assassins. Like there are plenty of reasons to hate on the show, but I hope you’re appreciating the little things.


Do y’all realize what you’re looking at right now? That is a vampire viking warrior wearing a bolo tie and Western suit, holding the jaw he just ripped off a man’s face and used as a weapon to help fight off 10 ninja assassins. Like there are plenty of reasons to hate on the show, but I hope you’re appreciating the little things.

G o n e but not f o r g o t t e n

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