So Jaime’s last chapter in A Storm of Swords is actually incredibly sad to me.

A lot about this scene shows incredible affection for Brienne. He compliments her and gives her Oathkeeper and gives her the most important gift of a chance to fulfill her promise to Catelyn.

But with all that he does his best to distance himself.

Even early on, he tries to reassert her original judgement of him and cut down any good thing he’s said about her.

"You said I had honor…”

"I’m the bloody Kingslayer, remember? When I say I have honor, that’s like a whorevouchsafing your maidenhood.”

He does it more blatantly later:


Kingslayer,” he reminded her.

The whole time they’ve been together, they’ve both been trying to get the other to use their real name (and in moments where it most mattered, they have). Jaime wants to take that back. Jaime and Briene care about each other. The Kinslayer and the wench are grudging traveling companions at best; they can part ways and be glad about it.

Brienne sees what he’s doing, but she isn’t confident enough to get him to stop (or it might be easier for her this way as well). When he tells her about his father’s fake Arya, she calls him out on it, but he plays it off and distracts her by accusing Sansa. He keeps that up so that giving her the sword seems like less of a big deal. If she’s angry with him, he’s not really being kind. The Kingslayer gives the wench a sword because he doesn’t want it, the same as he doesn’t want her. He can cast off two useless things together.

But when she assumes he wants her to kill Sansa, he gets angry too. He’s nothing if not a mess of contradictions. He wants this to not be a big thing. He wants to not care about Brienne and for Brienne not to care about him. But he also wants Brienne to know him and believe in him, just like he always has. When she doesn’t, he’s hurt. 

The wench blinked. “I… I thought…”

"I know what you thought.” Suddenly he was sick of the sight of her. 

Jaime got what he wanted. Except it wasn’t what he really wanted at all.


found this gem in the 1996 Cornell Women’s Handbook. it’s what to say when a guy tries to get out of using a condom


found this gem in the 1996 Cornell Women’s Handbook. it’s what to say when a guy tries to get out of using a condom

"And with Vikings on the backs of dragons, the world just got a whole lot bigger.”

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[imagines a character in the hands of better writers]

[imagines a scenario in the hands of better writers]

[imagines a whole show and concept in the hands of better writers]




some questions from my GIANT ASS LIST of Harry Potter questions

i would really like to see this whole list please

heres the most of it then

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This week’s recap. “Lost Cause,” 705.

Thank you!

I am so glad I have a few people suffering through this “true to the end” crapfest.

As I was reading this weeks recap, I was thinking about all of the…

I was roaring with laughter throughout the recap, and simultaneously feeling somewhat depressed at the sheer accuracy of it all. Because that tunnel seems to completely light tight, I’m literately falling into the script potholes (Craters would be more apt) Not to mention the Compton flashback hell on loop. I wish I knew how it ends, as it would save me a migraine every week. Excellent as always! Check it out everyone. :)


'True Blood' Star Sounds Off On Co-Star's Alleged Refusal To Play Gay Role

Let me summarize the “gay role” real quick because it’s pissing me off in all its erasey splendor. Season six introduces vampire James and he becomes vampire Jessica’s boyfriend. Come season seven, Jessica isn’t being as attentive to James as James would like, and he complains about this a lot to Lafayette because he and Lafayette have bonded over drugs and deep late night personal conversations.

Episodes pass. James tries to get Jessica alone so they can get busy and she puts him off. He laments about this some more to Lafayette and then they start making out…and then fucking. This doesn’t sound like a gay role to me.

Later, Jessica and Jason are talking about her discovery of James’ infidelity to the tune of “he’s gay?” “No, he’s confused.” “Sounds gay to me.” 

All biphobic, bi erasing garbage. And so has all the reporting on this “gay role” been as well. Now, I’m used to True Blood having a history of dodging the b word in tiny instances where it could easily be applied, but this was y far the most overt and aggressive act of bi erasure the show has ever perpetrated. It pisses me off even more because this happens on a show where the lead character is portrayed by an out and very vocally bisexual actress.

James is clearly bisexual. Not gay. Not confused. Such an offensive let down. Again.

Gene Belcher - Feminist

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Imagine your OTP being treated well by the writers.

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Those hands…:D

When 12-year-old girls are watching something like the CW’s long-running campy drama One Tree Hill (which aired from 2003-2012), in which actors like 25-year-old Hilarie Burton played 17-year-old cheerleader Peyton Sawyer, they’re not seeing an accurate portrayal of their future on screen. They’re seeing a glamorized vision of some executive’s idealized version of high school instead. When a real 16-year-old cheerleader flips on the CW and sees fellow pompom shakers who look like Burton or costar Sophia Bush, also well beyond her high school years, they’re looking at themselves at wondering why they don’t look like that in their uniform. Here’s the secret: they didn’t when they were 16, either.

A thing I never knew I needed until now.


A thing I never knew I needed until now.






Here’s the link to the spoiler on Youtube:

And here’s the link to the True Blood site:

If you have an opinion to share…

I read the entirety of the thread on the No spoilers and all of his replies and comments. He says a lot about on set vignettes that give a lot of substance to his spoilers and he explains a little bit about his firing which sounded plausible. He also gives explanations for why things are turning out as they are. After reading all of this,I believe him.

Yes, and he keeps giving more information about the show and some characters. I don’t know. I’m trying to find something that proves these spoilers are false but it’s hard because I think this guy has real information.

The bold. Has he said something about that too?? I don’t remember